How To Be Productive

13 proven factors to productivity!

The idea of building this course came from the changes in my life which led me to being a more productive person. The feeling of being productive in a steady manner was kind of a new feeling to me. There had to be reasons and factors for such changes; I thus decided to trace those factors that lead to such productivity and note them out.

I traced and wrote those factors and used to prioritize them from time-to-time. I used to do most of that tracing on a piece of paper which became shredded from editing and yellowish of time. I didn't want to lose that paper and at the same time wanted to share what I have learned from with others. So, here I'm writing those factors down in this course.

I hope you enjoy the course, and Be Productive!

Your Instructor

Dr. Abder-Rahman Ali
Dr. Abder-Rahman Ali

Although being a researcher, I'm also very interested in productivity and like to share my thoughts and strategies on this very interesting topic. This course encompasses proven strategies I personally tried out that can improve your productivity dramatically.

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