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How To Be Productive

13 proven factors to productivity

The idea of building this course came from that tough year when I was in London, UK. I was planning to enter a university degree program which required a foundation year through which I had to compete with other students. Everything looks normal so far. The issue was that the seats were limited, my options of similar programs were also limited, and what made things even worse is that I was older than most of the students as at that time I had my MSc Software Engineering degree.

Well, it was no doubt that I had to make some changes in my lifestyle. I spent around a year making those changes. I started to feel more productive, more in control. It was kind of a new feeling to me, a feeling to be productive, in a steady manner, and for not a short period of time. Yes, that was a bit odd for me. There had to be reasons and factors for such changes. I thus decided to trace those factors that lead to such productivity and success.

I have traced and wrote those factors and used to prioritize them from time to time. I had a paper where I used to do most of that work which became shredded from editing, and yellowish of time. I didn't want to lose that paper and at the same time wanted to share what I have learned from that experience in particular, and subsequent experiences in general. So, here I'm writing those factors down in this course.

Oh, didn't I mention that I was accepted in the program at the end? :-)

I hope you enjoy the course, and Be Productive!

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Abder-Rahman Ali
Abder-Rahman Ali

Although being a researcher in medical image analysis, I'm very interested in productivity and like to share my thoughts and strategies on this very interesting topic. I thus always try to find some time for my productivity projects, and this course is one of such projects.

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